Stop Estimating

Get your projects delivering to plan by removing the human bias.

Stabilize Velocity

Make stop/start a thing of the past. Fill every sprint with business value.

Manage Health

Use our Decision Support to recommend changes to scope, resources or time to keep things on track.

Ensure Success

Understand which changes have maximum impact. Uncover sweetspots. Deliver effortlessly.


Accurate Data

Rely on real stats about your project, not unreliable opinions and inaccurate estimates.

Comprehensive Coverage

Know what is happening inside your projects from end-to-end. No more blind spots.

Project Alerts

Learn about events that impact on the smooth running of your project as soon as they happen. Manage risks in real-time before they become issues.

Incident Insight

Not only learn when things happen, but why. We use AI to correlate subtle changes in people, mood and interest to changes in velocity or quality.

Recommend Action

Use our recommendation engine to identify what the next best action is.

Forecast Trends

Detect and forecast trends in performance, bugs, timeliness, releases to get an up-to-date view on what will happen next.

Better Decisions

Make better decisions based on accurate information and reliable forecasts on what will happen.

Scenario Modelling

Determine best/worst case scenarios and model possible outcomes using machine learning and AI.

How It Works


We provide a range of sensors to collect information from your project, code and build management platforms. These sensors collate rich data sets from all activity and send this data to our collection service in real-time.


We use machine learning to build predictive models, analyze factors and identify links between project activities and delivery outcomes. We then provide insights into what is happening in your project and predict what may happen in the future.


Dashboards and Analytics Tools are provided to help you visualize project activity, behaviours and predictions in real-time. Decision Support tools help you model what will happen when you change resource, time or scope to your project.

Our pricing

Choose from any of our pricing plans that fit your needs.

$0 /mo
250K Data Points per month
1 project
Manual data upload
Full decision support
Email support
Limited risk modelling
Limited predictive analytics
$99 /mo
billed annually
2M Data Points per month
Everything in FREE, plus:
Unlimited projects
Unlimited sensors
Email & Phone support
Full risk modelling
Full predictive analytics
Unlimited Data Points per month
Everything in BUSINESS, plus:
Unlimited data history
Premium support
Advanced implementation
Professional Services
Customer success manager